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Viking VK-E-50-SS-EWP

Viking VK-E-50-SS-EWP Video Entry Phone-Stainless Steel
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Viking VK-K-1700-3EWP

Viking VK-K-1700-3EWP SS Handsfree Phone W/ Key Pad
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YB Sales & Distributors, Inc. is a relationship-driven supplier of speech recognition software, voice dictation products, telecommunications technology, and various consumer electronics. The YB Sales team is based in Brooklyn, NY, and has been in business serving our clients for more than 18 years. We take pride in superior customer relationships that best help professionals in health care, legal, education, insurance, and other industries to find the right long-term solution for their business. To do this, we focus on testing each product we sell to offer quality representation of products and service. Our newestspeech recognition and digital dictation product offering includes Nuance's Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, the Philips Digital Pocket Memo 8000, and the Olympus DS-7000 digital recorder. If you are interested in any product we offer, you can reach us online through our chat function, over the phone toll free, or even click through to our contact us page formore information. YB Sales & Service is available to meet the needs of your business with a simple approach for long-term growth, today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

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